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If you’ve studied or went to school in a country other than Germany, you must submit your application to the uni-assist service in Berlin (for the exceptions see below). If you fulfil the admission requirements, uni-assit will forward your application to us. Your application must contain the following documents:

  • completed application form
  • notarized copy of the secondary-school leaving certificate or, if available, a university entrance exam and academic transcripts
  • If you graduated from a Studienkolleg: copy of your Feststellungsprüfungszeugnis (university entrance examination certificate)
  • applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam: APS certificate (Academic Examination Office) in original
  • demonstration of sufficient German-language skills (does not apply to Master's programs taught in English). For study at Cologne University of Applied Services, they need C1 or Intermediate Level III . For the German prep course: they need B2 or Intermediate Level II
  • curriculum vitae
  • passport photo
  • copy of your passport with pages of name and photograph
  • If applicable: proof of having passed the aptitude test (required for some programs only)
  • proof of payment or transfer of uni-assist fee
  • documents in any language other than German, English or French must be translated into German by a state-certified translator.
  • where required a copy of the certificate of name change (eg. marriage certificate)

Note: Your application cannot be processed until it is complete and the fee has been paid. All copies are to be submitted in certified form. Please do not send originals. After a year originals we receive will be destroyed.

Submit your application packet to the following address:

Cologne University of Applied Sciences, c/o uni-assist e.V. Helmholtzstr. 2-9 10587 Berlin

Please use the application form on our website or the uni-assist site at Our website provides information on the terms of payment and other useful information.

For remaining questions with respect to this application form, and to the further procedure, you can reach uni-assist at

Contact site uni-assist
Tel. +49/30/66644345.

One or the first of several applications costs 68 Euro
Citizens of the EU pay 43 Euro
Citizens of the PRC, who have already completed procedures with the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) in Beijing, pay 68 Euro
The fee at other universities
costs for all applicants per university
15 Euro

The application fee for a degree programme costs 68 euros for non-EU citizens and 43 euros for EU citizens. Citizens of China who have already had their documents certified by the APS (Akademische Prüfstelle) pay also 68 euros. Each additional application through uni-assist costs 15 euros. For instance, if you apply to three universities via uni-assist, non-EU citizens pay 68 euros + 15 euros + 15 euros, or 98 euros; EU-citizens pay 43 euros + 15 euros + 15 euros, or 73 euros.

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Südstadt Campus Faculties 1-4
Ms. Maria Üpping
0221 8275 - 3838
0221 8275 - 3869
E-Mail: maria.uepping(at)
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Deutz Campus Falculties 5-9
Ms. Christina Düring
0221 8275 - 2122
0221 8275 - 3369
E-Mail: christina.duering(at)
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Gummersbach Campus Faculty 10
Ms. Martina Brüderle
02261/8196 - 6316
02261/8196 - 6666
E-Mail: martina.bruederle(at)
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Bibliotheks- und Informationswirtschaft (MALIS)


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Marktorientierte Unternehmensführung

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Communication Systems and Networks